When Waiting Becomes Part of the Challenge

When Waiting Becomes Part of the Challenge

I started the day early by dropping down about 400 yards to pick up a deposit that had been left for me yesterday by one of the High Altitude Porters (HAP). The equipment included a three-person tent, stove set, and a sleeping bag. I retrieved the items and was back in my tent by 7am, had a second Starbucks Italian roast, and a nap. By 10am, two HAPs had returned to help me build a tent platform before they turned around to head to basecamp. I get the feeling I will be waiting a couple more days before pushing for the summit. I stayed at C3 that night and I think I may have been the only guy on the mountain.

The next morning, at around 8am, these amazing heavenly brushstrokes appeared in the sky in all these beautiful sizes, shapes and colors. I think God must have had some extra time on his hands - I've never seen anything like it. Truly AWESOME.

Despite the challenges I have faced so far, I know the Lord is on my side and He understands how important this challenge is to our cause. With the extra time I have spent waiting here on the mountain, I have been able to grab amazing photos from my vantage point. After thawing out my iPhone in my armpit for 10 minutes that is!

Be Brave,