More Obstacles, Summit Still Ahead

More Obstacles, Summit Still Ahead

The past few days have been hectic and stressful. I returned to basecamp after two of the High Altitude Porters (HAP) got sick and had to leave the mountain. It is dangerous to be alone at a higher camp without support, so I had no choice but to backtrack. At this point, I feel frustrated and deflated, but God must truly have a plan for me.

No sooner did I find myself at basecamp, I learn an avalanche has occured higher up the mountain. Who knows what would have happened if I had still been at C3.

I heard reports of some missing climbers, porters and injuries, but nothing more has come up yet. I hope to have definite plans in the coming days, but regardless, me and team will be making the push for the summit. Weather is the current stumbling block at this point, so we will wait to see what our next steps are as we draw close to the first summit of the 6 Summits Challenge.

Be Brave,