The Arduous Journey to C3

The Arduous Journey to C3

Two days ago, four of us left base camp at 4:30AM; the goal was to get all the way to C2 in one shot. It took over 6 hours as we got caught in the sun and the heat slowed us down after C1. My pack, containing an oxygen cylinder, mask, food, one-piece suit, 4 cameras, and tripod, was too heavy. I was the last to reach C2 (not that it's a competition!).

After an uncomfortable night in a very lumpy tent, we set off for C3 at 5:00AM - I stripped my pack of all non-essentials and felt much better. The climb to C3 is easier since the slopes are less steep, but it still takes over 5 hours. The camp is located at about 7000m on a big snow slope below the summit rocks. After digging a platform we pitched our tent and started melting snow to rehydrate.

On the way up, at 6600m, I stopped at my depot and got some essentials out. It had been there for 7 days and it was all frozen solid - including my iPhone and satellite!

I am at C3 for two nights - stay tuned, as the weather is ideal...

Be Brave,